Our Management Committee

New Gorbals Housing Association is managed by a voluntary Management Committee made up predominantly of people living in the Gorbals.

The Management Committee is elected annually by members of the Association. Membership of the Association costs £1 and is open exclusively to residents of the Gorbals.


Our Management Committee


Office Bearers

Jean Miller (joined 1998)   Chairperson  (since 2021)

Aaron Reilly  (joined 2012) Vice Chairperson (since 2022)

Iain McCreaddie (joined 2014) Secretary (since 2021)


Committee Members

Mari Clark (joined 2022)

Catherine Docherty   (joined 2017)

Linda Malone (joined 2008)  

Shahila Mandaniya   (joined 2014) 

Pauline McKeever (joined 2021)                     

Raymond Shannon  (joined 2010)

Liz Peden  (joined 2008)

Kirsten Adams-Mackenzie  (joined 2013) 

Carol Ann Duffy (joined 2022)

Thomas Smart (joined 2023)