Our Performance

The Scottish Housing Regulator has a role to protect the interests of tenants and other people who use the services of social landlords. The Scottish Housing Charter sets standards and outcomes that we, as a landlord, should achieve. We are required to report our performance against these standards

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published a Landlord Report on all Registered Social Landlords in Scotland so that tenants know how their landlord is performing in key areas. They have also created a comparison tool that makes it easy for you to comare the performance of your landlord with others.

Visit the Scottish Housing Regulator's Website to find out more and access the comparison tool www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk

Our latest Landlord Report from the Scottish Housing Regulator can be viewed here. To view the previous report from 2015/16, click here.

You can also read Our Performance Report 2016/17 for a more in depth look into our performance over the last year.

If you are interested in our performance regarding complaints, you can read out quarterly and annual reports below.