Our Performance

As a Registered Social Landlord (RSL), charity and society our performance is regulated in a number of ways. 

Scottish Housing Regulator

All Housing Associations in Scotland are registered by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). The SHR has a role to protect the interests of tenants and other people who use the services of social landlords. The Scottish Housing Charter sets standards and outcomes that we, as a landlord, should achieve. We are required to report our performance against these standards. You can find out more about the Scottish Housing Regulator by reading their publication 'How we Regulate: a guide for tenants and service users'.

  • Our latest Landlord Report from the Scottish Housing Regulator can be viewed here. 
  • Annually we are required to provide an Assurance Statement. You can read the October 2021 statement here
  • You can read our Engagement Plan from the Scottish Housing Regulator here.
  • You can read our Annual Return on Charter that we submitted to the SHR here.

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published a Landlord Report on all Registered Social Landlords in Scotland so that tenants know how their landlord is performing in key areas. They have also created a comparison tool that makes it easy for you to compare the performance of your landlord with others. Visit the Scottish Housing Regulator's Website to find out more and access the comparison tool www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk 

Tenant and Owner Satisfaction Surveys

Every three years, we ask tenants and owners to take part in our independent satisfaction surveys. These are usually in depth telephone surveys, carried out with a representative number of our total households. Our most recent surveys were carried out in summer 2021, you can read our full reports on them below: 

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2021

Owner Satisfaction Survey 2021


Internal and External Audit arrangements

Our Internal Auditors are Quinn Internal Audit and Business Support Services. Our External Auditors are RSM UK Audit LLP. 

You can read our Business Report and Financial Statements 2020/21 here. 


We have adopted the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman's Complaints Handling ProcedureWe monitor our complaints handling process and report on it biannually to our Management Committee. We also report on our complaints handling process to the Scottish Housing Regulator through our Annual Return on the Charter and to tenants in the Our Performance Report and in our Newsletters.