Our vision, values and objectives

New Gorbals Housing Association was set up by local people who had a strong vision of how they wanted the Association to operate. This vision is reflected in our values and objectives.

Our vision and values

The Management Committee's vision for New Gorbals Housing Association is: 

  • To provide the highest possible quality housing, environment and services to all of our customers
  • To maximise our contribution to the overall regeneration of the Gorbals, addressing wherever possible the needs of those in the community who are disadvantaged. 

In delivering this vision and in every aspect of our business our core values will guide our behaviour:

  • We will be representative of and accountable to the local community
  • We will be open and accessible
  • We will be fair and equitable, treating every individual with courtesy and respect
  • We will be innovative and creative, and work in partnership with others to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • We will be customer-focused in delivering our services, providing the best quality possible for our tenants
  • We will found upon the the strengths and potential of the Gorbals community in our approach to community engagement and development work

Our strategic objectives

Our 6 strategic objectives that will help us deliver our vision are:

  1. Complete the physical regeneration of the Gorbals
  2. Keep rents affordable and support tenants in dealing with welfare cuts and high costs
  3. Provide high quality, value for money services, and managing our assets effectively
  4. Strengthen our engagement and communication with tenants and the wider community
  5. Make Gorbals a Thriving Place
  6. Ensure we are a cost-effective and well-managed organisation, achieving high standards of governance, financial probity and competence.