How We Allocate Houses

New Gorbals Housing Association uses a points system to allocate houses. The points system allows us to make sure that our allocations are fair and that houses are allocated based on need and not on length of time an applicant is on one of our lists.

Points System

We assess each applicant's housing need using our points system.

Points are awarded for each type of need an applicant has. For some points categories we ask for evidence to be provided.

Your position on the list will depend on the overall points level awarded based on the information that you give us in your Housing Application Form. Where more than one applicant has the same number of points when a house is being let, priority will be given to the applicant who has been on our list the longest.

Size and type of housing required

We will place your application on our list based on the size and type of accommodation you need. This will be worked out as follows:

  • One bedroom for couples/partners/single persons/parents.

  • One bedroom for 2 children of the same sex under the age of 16.

  • One bedroom for 2 children under the age of 10, regardless of sex.

  • A room for each child unless able to share with another child as above.

    These rules may not apply in certain circumstances. A separate bedroom may be required for certain medical or social reasons.

  • If a member of your household is pregnant, from 6 months into the pregnancy, we will re-assess your application regarding the number of bedrooms required.

  • Normally we will assess you for the size of housing you need depending on who lives with you.

  • If you live in one of our properties and it is due for demolition you can be considered for the same size of property that you are leaving as long as this does not result in overcrowding. If this means that you will have a bedroom that the Government believes in surplus the 'Bedroom Tax' will apply.

  • If you need to move for medical reasons concerning mobility we will normally only offer ground, first floor, or lift accessible properties.

  • If you have children but they don't normally live with you we wouldn't normally consider you for an extra bedroom.

  • If a property has been adapted, for example with a walk-in shower, where possible, we will try to identify someone who needs this facility.

  • For sheltered or wheelchair adapted properties we will contact appropriate agencies regarding referrals if we can not identify someone suitable from our housing list. We will also accept referrals from the City Council for the Supported Living Project which assists older people who need support at home.