It's All About Health Dec 24, 2018

The Gorbals Ideas Fund Community Panel are delighted to be working with Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership to deliver our next round of funding. With awards of up to £3,000 available we’re hoping this round will kick-start some really great activity across the area.

We’re looking for ideas that help people become healthier and happier. So, if you have an idea that could help people improve their physical or mental health we’d really like to hear from you, we’re also really keen to hear from people who have ideas that could boost people’s social and emotional health.

Your ideas might be something that gets people out and about to increase their fitness, or it could be a new volunteer opportunity that helps bring people together; it could be related to healthy food or alternative therapies for wellness… whatever it is we’d love to hear from you!

To apply simply complete our short 3 page application form and return it by Friday 1st February 2019 to Jo Speirs at New Gorbals Housing Association, 187 Crown Street, Glasgow, G5 9XT or email If you would like the application pack in a different format please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you want to have a chat or have any queries about your idea or the application form please call Jo on 0141 429 3900.

Application Form

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