New Gorbals Housing Association hosted a special congratulatory lunch on Friday 8th March to honour the female volunteers that help the Association thrive.

The International Women’s Day celebration this year focused on those who give their time to contribute to the Association in different ways, including members of the tenant’s panel, those who volunteer at Association events and Management Committee.

The lunch took place at New Gorbals Housing Association’s office and featured a Zest for Life relaxation session from Corrinna Bain at Rest and Renew.

Following the event, Corinna said:

“I really enjoyed sharing Zest for Life with such a lovely inspiring group of women shaping the world around them in so many amazing ways.

“I had a sense through what I saw and heard at the lunch that the group benefitted from and felt relaxed throughout the session.”

Tracey McCauley, Head of Maintenance at New Gorbals, also spoke at the lunch to give thanks to all the women that make vital contributions to the Association:

“I know we’re all busy ladies, but I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit or take the time to reflect and appreciate our strengths and achievements. “As we all know, the strength and wisdom of women create a force to be reckoned with. In our case, it’s a force that has used its power to change lives and make a difference to the whole community.

“Thank you to every one of you for all the invaluable work you do in the Gorbals, you really make a difference.”

New Gorbals Housing Association is a community-controlled housing association, run by its members in the form of a Management Committee. The Committee, made up of tenants and residents in the Gorbals, give their time, effort and expertise throughout the year to ensure the Association is run to the benefit of the people of Gorbals.

Tenants are also invited to give their contributions to the Association in the form of a Tenant’s Panel, designed to scrutinise the work of the Association and put forward feedback from tenants.

In addition to this, the Association runs a programme which has seen several Gorbals tenants and residents gain certification in volunteering, allowing them to volunteer at events such as the Community Meal and Gorbals Fair.

Tenant Participation Officer, Susan Burn, organised the event:

“For International Women’s Day, it was really important to me that the Association should celebrate the people who give their time, knowledge and skills to benefit New Gorbals Housing Association and the people who live here.

“Whilst this event celebrated some of the fantastic women contributing to the Gorbals community, there will be other opportunities to celebrate all our tenants, members and volunteers at different points throughout the year.”