The Gorbals: A Thriving Place Jun 26, 2014

The Gorbals has been chosen to be one of the first three “Thriving Places” initiatives in Glasgow by the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, which includes such public agencies as Glasgow City Council, the NHS, Police and Fire Services.

The initiative is a ten year commitment by these public agencies to empower and help develop local communities to become stronger, more vibrant and more successful. Part of this will include the improvement of public services through community involvement. It is a requirement of the “Thriving Places” initiative that community engagement and development is at the heart of the process from the outset and throughout the ten years. New Gorbals Housing Association are the designated “community hub” organisation and will be responsible for co-ordinating this initiative.

The Association will work with the public agencies and voluntary sector in advance of a programme of sustained community engagement, which we hope will start in early autumn. The Gorbals has many strengths and assets but the fact is that child poverty is high and many health, education and employment outcomes are poor. This initiative will seek to develop the strengths of the Gorbals community to improve these outcomes and support the Gorbals community to fulfil its potential.