Private Letting

If you are intending to let out your property please can you advise the Association of your intentions so that we can update our records with your new details. It is important that we can make contact with you in the event of any emergency relating to your property and that we can also update your buildings insurance.

Landlord Registration

As part of a Scotland-wide scheme, all private landlords in Glasgow must be registered with Glasgow City Council.

The aim of registration is to set minimum standards for private landlords and remove the worst landlords.

The scheme provides valuable information on private landlords which includes a public register that anyone can access.

In assessing private landlords the Glasgow City Council will take into account:

  • Any offences relating to fraud, dishonesty, violence or drugs
  • Unlawful discrimination
  • Breaches of Housing Law
  • Failure to act in relation to anti-social behaviour

If you require any further general information on private landlord registration or wish to supply any information relating to a property which could be privately let then please contact the Private Registration Unit of Glasgow City Council on show 0300 343 0414 or use this link

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Generally, multiple occupancy is prohibited in terms of the Deed of Conditions. However, as previously highlighted, the Factor has no powers of enforcement in this regard.

Therefore, if you feel that a neighbour is allowing multiple occupancy of a property and this is breaching your Deed of Conditions then you have a right to raise legal action against that neighbour and we ask you seek your own legal advice in these circumstances.

In addition, any landlord letting a House in Multiple Occupancy must have an HMO licence and be registered under the Private Landlord Registration Scheme.

In terms of licensing, an HMO is where:

  • At least three people live, and;
  • The people who live there belong to three or more families, and;
  • The people who live there share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

If you have concerns that a House in Multiple Occupancy is being operated illegally in your area then please contact the HMO Licensing Team at Glasgow City Council on 0141 287 4535.