The Association's Role as Factor

What we will do

As your factor, we have a responsibility to maintain all the common areas within your development and all common parts of the building on your behalf and on behalf of everyone living there.

As your factor, we will:

  • Provide you with a Written Statement of Service
  • Organise and supervise landscape works to common areas which includes grass cutting, shrub bed and tree maintenance, weed control and litter collection.

  • Organise and supervise communal cleaning works to common parts including stair cleaning and communal window cleaning.

  • Administer a common comprehensive building insurance policy covering the whole of your development. This excludes owners who live within the Hutchesontown Estate who have the option of obtaining their own buildings insurance policy. However, the Association can provide a quote for buildings insurance on request.

  • Administer a cyclical fund and carry out cyclical maintenance works for your development

  • Deliver a common repairs service to your development including access to a 24 hour helpline (owners of townhouse properties should note that the common repairs service does not apply to their properties.)

  • Provide on-going maintenance to any lighting to common parts and areas, when this responsibility has not been adopted by Glasgow City Council.

  • Administer service contracts for communal equipment where required. For example, to lifts and fire safety equipment in larger blocks of flats.

  • Manage the payments to contractors and consultants for works to common parts and areas.

  • Deal with enquiries from owners on all aspects of the Factoring Service including common repairs, invoicing and estate management.

  • Liaise with other relevant agencies in delivering the Factoring Service including a range of department within Glasgow City Council, the Police and others.

  • Issue regular invoices to owners to reclaim their share of common costs and offer a range of payment methods.

  • Instigate recovery action in the event of non-payment including legal action if required.   

  • Process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Information Notice for Factoring Owners and Residents which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Written Statement of Service

The Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, which came into force on 1st October 2012, now requires all Property Managers to register with the Scottish Government and to comply with the legislation stated within the Act.

As New Gorbals Housing Association is registered as a Property Manager we are required to provide a Written Statement of Service for all properties that we factor.

We sent Written Statement of Service to all owners of properties that we factor in September 2012. For new owners, a Written Statement of Service will be issued within four weeks of receiving keys to your property.

The services on the Written Statement of Service are a full list of the services that the Association provides for your block and there will be no change in the service that you are currently provided by the Association We will continue to bill you in accordance with the legal title to your property.

If you would like a copy of your Written Statement of Service then please contact the Association on 0141 429 3900

If you would like to know more about the Act and the Code of Conduct that we are bound by please visit the Scottish Government website at or phone them on 08457 741 741.