Do I Qualify?

Can I apply?

The properties are available to households who have low to moderate incomes:

•             £17,000 to £36,000 for 1 and 2 bed properties

•             £17,000 to £40,000 for larger properties


We will accept aplications from anyone aged 16 or over whose income falls within the above income thresholds.

We will give priority to the following:


  • Existing tenants of New Gorbals Housing Association, or other households living in a New Gorbals Housing Association property as their main or principle home.
  • A second priority will also be given to applicants vacating other social rented accommodation or applicants living in the private rented sector or with friends or family in sub-tolerable, unaffordable, overcrowded, insecure or otherwise unsatisfactory conditions.
  • The Allocation Policy states that we will not consider existing owner occupiers for these properties.


We can only accept MMR applications when properties are available, which will be marketed on this website. We do not hold a waiting list for these properties.