Ending Your Tenancy

Ending Your Tenancy

If you decide to move on, there are a number of things to do before moving out.

Here is a handy checklist:

  •  Give 28 days’ notice, in writing, of your intention to end your tenancy;
  • Arrange for your home to be inspected by our staff to ensure it is in a satisfactory condition;
  • Pay any rent due up to the end of the tenancy;
  •  Arrange for the gas and electricity meters to be read;
  •  Inform the Council of your date of leaving and your new address so that your Council Tax can be adjusted;
  •  Provide New Gorbals Property Management with final payment certificates for Council Tax and utilities;
  •  Empty the property of all of your belongings and furnishings. If you wish to dispose of larger items, please phone Glasgow City Council for a bulk uplift.

It is your responsibility to leave the property in the condition that it was originally let to you and hand in all sets of keys, on or before, the last date of your tenancy. A charge will be made for any costs we may incur in bringing your property up to a satisfactory condition.

To gain possession at the end of a short assured tenancy, we must serve you with a written Notice To Quit and either a Section 33 Notice or an AT6 Notice depending on why we want you to leave.

If you have breached your tenancy agreement, we may take steps to regain possession of the property. You can find the list of reasons we may do this in your tenancy agreement (page 16, Ending Your Tenancy). Of these, there are 8 grounds on which, if they are proved, a Sheriff must grant an order for us to repossess the property.

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme

The tenancy deposit scheme is an independent third-party scheme approved by the Scottish Government to hold and protect your deposit until the end of your tenancy.

We will place your deposit with Safe Deposit Scotland for the period of your tenancy. You can read more about Safe Deposit online at www.safedepositscotland.com

At the end of your tenancy we will apply to Safe Deposit to repay the deposit to you, giving details about how much of the deposit should be repaid depending on the property being returned in a satisfactory condition. Safe Deposit will write to you asking you to say whether you agree with our assessment or whether you wish to dispute the amount.

If you agree with our assessment your deposit will be paid accordingly. If you disagree with our assessment you can ask for the dispute to be referred to an independent adjudicator.

You can read more about tenancy deposit schemes on the Scottish Government website: www.scotland.gov.uk/privaterenting