Getting On With Neighbours

Living close to other residents means that some noise is unavoidable. However, if noise becomes frequent and causes significant disturbance, this can be unacceptable.

Everybody has the right to live in their home without too much nuisance or annoyance from their neighbours. Neighbours may have different lifestyles, but we hope everyone will show consideration for those living around them.

As a tenant of New Gorbals Property Management it is your responsibility to make sure that you, those living with you and any visitors to your home do not disturb other residents or cause damage to the property, decoration, furniture, fittings, common parts, or neighbours’ property.

Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is a serious breach of your tenancy agreement. The Association can take legal action if you break the conditions of your tenancy, although we would only do so as a last resort. This means that you, others in your household, and your visitors must not harass or behave in an anti-social way to anyone in the local area; including those who live there, visitors, our staff, and contractors. 

What is Anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour happens when a person’s actions cause, or are likely to cause, alarm, distress, nuisance or annoyance to another person or damage to someone’s property. It usually happens more than once, and can include speaking threateningly or offensively. 

What Can I Do About Anti-social Behaviour?

If you have a complaint about nuisance, annoyance or harassment and you can't resolve it with them or you feel that it is too serious to deal with alone you can tell us about it.

The action we take depends on the type of complaint and what evidence is available.

  • Keep a diary of the disturbance(s), include dates and times
  • Put your complaints in writing with as much detail as possible

If we have supporting evidence of the complaint a variety of steps can be taken from warning letters to court proceedings. Supporting evidence could be a witness statement; Glasgow Community Safety Services witness report or a Police report.

Should you feel at any time that your, or another's, safety or security is under threat then you should contact Police Scotland on 999 or 101