Paying Rent

How To Pay

Your rent should be paid by direct debit by the 28th of each month. Please ensure you fill out the appropriate forms at sign up so that this is paid on time.

What Does It Pay For?

Rents cover the cost of:

  • Managing and maintaining our properties
  • Repayment of loans
  • Setting aside money for repairs that will be needed in the future

What About Council Tax?

It is your responsibility to pay Council Tax. Your bill will be based on the
relative value of your property to others in the area. There are various
discounts available depending on your circumstances, such as for people on
low incomes, or those who live alone.

For more information about Council Tax, contact Glasgow City Council
0141 287 5050.

Please note that New Gorbals Property Management is not responsible for
administration or collection of Council Tax.