Your Home


You should not carry out any alterations to the property.

You will receive a copy of the inventory recording the standard and quality of the property at the point you signed your tenancy agreement. Please do not change the decoration or put up wallpaper. You can refresh the existing paintwork, however it is recommended that you get agreement beforehand and it must be in the paint colours specified in the property inventory.

This also applies to existing floor coverings. Any wear and tear or damage should be reported to us immediately as this may incur a charge should replacement floor covering be required.

The kitchen appliances provided with your property should also remain unchanged, as these belong to us as fixture of the property. Before going ahead with any alteration or improvement to the property, no matter how small, you must check with New Gorbals Property Management to see if permission would be granted.

It is your responsibility to maintain the property to the standard recorded at the start of your tenancy agreement. If you decide to leave the property, we expect it to be in a similar condition to that it was let to you in.

Communal Areas

Your service charges cover the cost of close cleaning, communal lighting and shared landscaped areas. However, it is the residents’ responsibility to keep these areas clean and tidy at all other times. We hope that all residents will play their part in keeping the common areas tidy for all those who use them.

If you are unsure of the arrangements in your area please contact us.

Environmental Services

Glasgow City Council provides various services that you may want to use. These include:

Cleansing Service

The cleansing service removes your household rubbish each week and can also take away bulky items such as furniture.

It is your responsibility to take out your wheelie bin for collection each week and return it afterwards. Put all of your household rubbish in your wheelie bin unless you live in a block of flats with a chute.

Put out larger items for bulk collection as arranged. The schedules for collection bulk can change so check with the Council’s Land and Environmental Services Department if you are unsure. Any problems with this service should be reported to the Land and Environmental Services Department.

Pest Control

If you have any problems with vermin you should contact Pest Control on 0845 270 1558. The Land and Environmental Services website provides information on common household pests and how you can manage them.

Your Home Safety

Smoke Alarms

All smoke alarms fitted in our properties are wired into the mains, while some have additional battery back-up.

It is important that you check the battery regularly to ensure it does not need replaced, that you clean the alarm out twice a year and that you test your alarm regularly to ensure it is operating.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives – Do Not Disconnect!


As your landlord we have a legal obligation to inspect all pipe work and gas appliances to ensure they are in a safe condition. This is to reduce the risk of injury to members of your household or neighbours.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms have been fitted to all our homes and an annual gas inspection will be carried out. It is important that you give access to our gas engineers for the inspection to be completed.

Electrical Items

We also have a responsibility to make sure that the electrical installation and any appliances we provide with the property are in proper working order.

As part of our letting process we carry out an electrical safety check. We will give you a copy of the certificate at your sign up. We will check the electricity ever five years if you remain in the tenancy.

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows a property’s energy efficiency and this will be displayed in a prominent place in your property.