Your Tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a Short Assured Tenancy.

Before you signed your tenancy agreement you will have received an AT5 form, which explains the details of this. To begin with, you must agree to let the property for at least six months, after which we have the right to reclaim the property.

However, at the end of the six months your tenancy will automatically renew itself unless:

  • We give you written notice that we want you to leave the property;
  • You give us written notice that you want to leave at the end of the fixed term;
  • Your tenancy agreement states what will happen at the end of the initial fixed term.

If you and your partner, flatmates or housemates have a joint tenancy agreement, you will all have the same rights and responsibilities. This means you are equally responsible for paying the rent and keeping to the terms of your tenancy agreement.

If you want to end the tenancy, you will need to get the other joint tenants’ permission first because this will end the tenancy for everyone. However, if the other tenants do not want to move out, they can try to negotiate a new agreement with us.

You can find out more about short assured tenancies and your rights at

Breaking Your Tenancy Agreement

If you break the conditions of your tenancy agreement, we will make various efforts to contact you and resolve the problem. If necessary we may consider taking further action. This could apply where, for example:

  • You have rent arrears and are not keeping to a repayment arrangement

  • We have evidence of anti-social behaviour

  • You are not occupying the property as your main home for a long time

Before taking court action we will serve a notice telling you we intend to do so. We will also serve a notice on anyone else aged over 16 who is living in the house.

If you face legal action, you should contact us to try to sort things out. You may also seek independent legal advice and you can defend any action against you.

The Sheriff decides whether it is reasonable to grant a decree for eviction. If it is granted, we will report to our Management Committee, who will decide whether to enforce the decree. If they decide to do so, you will have to leave your home and find somewhere else to live. 


If you wish to keep an animal as a pet you must get written permission from us first.

Permission May be Given Under Certain Conditions:

  •  Your pet is not prohibited by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991;
  •  You will supervise and keep your pet under control;
  •  You will not allow your pet to foul or cause damage to the property, common areas or neighbouring properties.

If you do not keep to the conditions as detailed above, then permission to keep your pet will be withdrawn.

Tenant Handbook

You should have received a Tenant Handbook when you moved in to the property. This handbook should contain the basics of what you need to know about your tenancy, and about New Gorbals Property Management.

The handbook can also be downloaded here.