Under your tenancy agreement, you need to obtain the Association’s permission in advance if you want to carry out any of the following types of work to your house:

  • To alter, improve or enlarge the house, fittings or fixtures;
  • To add new fixtures or fittings (for example kitchen or bathroom installations, central heating or other fixed heaters, double glazing);
  • To put up a garage, shed or other structure;
  • To decorate the outside of the house.

Please note that we will not grant permission for satellite dishes, since all of the Association’s properties have communal satellite systems.

You do not need to apply for permission if you wish to install laminate or tiled flooring.  Please note that the Association will not be responsible to any damage to laminate or tile flooring, if we need to remove it to carry out repair works.


How do I apply for permission?

Your application for permission must be made in writing. You can obtain an application form from the Association’s office or click here to download a copy.

If you need any help filling in the form, we will be happy to help you with this.

The application form contains all of the information we need to consider your request.  By using the form and providing all the information it asks for, you can help us give you a speedy response.  If information is missing, this may delay your application for permission.


How will my application be assessed?

We must reply to your application within one month of receiving it.  If you have not heard from us within a month, the Tenancy Agreement says that we are taken to have agreed to your request.
We will usually carry out an inspection first, to look at the work you want to do.  We will then give you our decision in writing as soon as possible – in our letter we will tell you:  

  • if we agree to the work you wish to carry out
  • whether we attach any conditions to our approval.

We cannot refuse your application unless there are reasonable grounds for doing so. If we refuse permission, we will tell you what the reasons are.