Bogus Callers

Bogus callers are criminals who pretend to be someone else in order to get into your home.

They often pretend to be from a council department or a utility company. They could also pretend to be from NGHA.

There may be times when we will need to access your home. All of our staff and our contractors carry identification. Visitors from the council and utility companies will also carry identification, which should also have a number you can use to check that they are who they tell you.

Always ask to see someone’s identification, and never let unidentified visitors into your home.

If you are unsure of anyone who is trying to gain access to your home and claims to be from NGHA or our contractors, call us on 0141 429 3900. 

If you are suspicious of someone who tried to get into your home, report this to the police (dial 999 for emergency; 101 for non-emergency) and to us. This helps us to stay aware of bogus callers in the area.