12 Commercial Court Fire Jun 14, 2018

Following a house fire in a top floor property of 12 Commercial Court this morning, Thursday 14th June, emergency services were alerted promptly and arrived at the scene shortly after 8am. This kitchen fire was extinguished by firefighters, and all residents were successfully evacuated from the building.  

We are extremely grateful to the emergency services, including the Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland, and Scottish Ambulance Service, for their prompt and professional response to the incident this morning. We are relieved that, with their help, there appear to have been no serious casualties as a result of the fire. Thanks also go to our tenants of 12 Commercial Court for the swift evacuation and their patience throughout the day.

Our own efforts are currently being concentrated on helping those who have been evacuated from their homes to ensure their needs are being met, and to arrange for them to return home as soon as it is safe for them to do so. Glasgow City Council’s Resilience Team is co-ordinating these efforts and we will work with them to support all those affected.

Any residents of 12 Commercial Court who have yet to return to the building are asked to report to the Gorbals Sports Centre, Ballater Street, Gorbals for further help and instruction. Those who are currently unable to access their homes are being catered for at this hub, which is being run by the Health and Social Care Partnership. The Fire and Rescue service are currently advising on further checks to the building, and residents will be updated when we have further information.


UPDATE: The Gorbals Sports Centre hub has now closed. If anyone is still in need of advice or information regarding their property at 12 Commercial Court, please contact the concierge station at 39 Waddell Court.