Fuel top ups for struggling tenants Jan 29, 2024

The Association is pleased to announce that we have secured funding for fuel top ups for our most vulnerable tenants.

The grant award of £20k from SFHA’s Social Housing Fuel Support Fund means that we are able to provide 500 Gorbals households with a £40 fuel top up. This fuel support is available to those on both prepayment and credit meters.

If you are struggling to heat your home and think you could benefit from a top up, please call the office on 0141 429 3900 and speak to your housing officer.

Alternatively, you can come along to the Gorbals Youth Café at 39 Waddell Court on Friday 2nd February between 10am and 2pm, where our partners at Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) will be able to help you with a voucher in person.

All fuel vouchers will be administered via HEAT, who may call you for further information to arrange your voucher.

Only one voucher can be claimed per household, so if you have already benefitted from this scheme, unfortunately you will not be entitled to receive another top-up.