Your Services Come In-House May 12, 2017

We have welcomed 12 new staff members to our team in the past few months.

Following the success of bringing our repairs team in-house at the end of 2016, we now have our own Landscape and Estates team. This means we now have 9 colleagues who are devoted to keeping our shared spaces in great condition. 

We have also employed three gas engineers, who will now carry out all of our gas servicing and certification.

Until now, our landscaping and gas services have been carried out by contractors on our behalf. Some members of these new teams have been brought over from the contractors who worked in our area, and therefore have a wealth of existing knowledge about our local area and properties.

There will be no disruption to existing services, and you should see a marked improvement locally as areas are given deep cleans by the landscape and estates team.

These new team members will carry New Gorbals Housing Association ID badges and will be wearing our uniform, so should be easily identifiable. Landscape colleagues will be based at a new work station at Caledonia Road, and our Gas Engineers will be based from 3 Snowdon Place.

Bringing these services in-house gives us more control over the works in our area, meaning that we can monitor for quality as well as being able to complete a wider range of tasks. It also provides you with services that are better value for money, while maintaining and improving standards.

If you would like more information about these changes, or about our Landscape and Estates team or Gas Engineers, please contact Tracey McCauley or Paul Cowan by calling 0141 429 3900, visiting our office at 187 Crown Street, or email them at or