Pine Place Proposal Feb 25, 2022

New Gorbals Housing Association plan to build new social rented housing on the former health centre site at Pine Place.

This site is one of the few places in Hutchesontown where we can develop family-sized houses. Our proposals for Pine Place aim to maximise the number of these family homes we can comfortably fit in the street, while also respecting that Hutchesontown is a mainly tenemental area. A taller block proposed for the northern end of the space would provide much needed 1 and 2 bedroom flats.


The proposed development is a mix of 2 or 3 storey terraced houses, and a 5 storey block of flats.
The terraced houses would be family-sized houses, each with its own main door and garden. The position of these houses takes advantage of the morning sunlight to the east, overlooking the Gorbals Rose Garden, and evening light to the west.

We propose to position the 5 storey block of flats so that most homes have a southern outlook towards Errol Gardens, or overlook the rose garden to the east. Building the flats to five storeys makes it possible to include a lift, making the building more accessible and allowing us to include properties that are adaptable for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues.


The houses are designed to reflect the properties on the west side of Pine Place, while the flats respond to the existing tenements on Old Rutherglen Road, The Twomax building, (which is 6 storeys) and the flats on the east side of the rose garden (7 storeys high).

All properties have access to parking and green space. The townhouses all have private front and rear gardens, and ground floor flats also have direct access to a private green space. Upper flats include balconies as well as access to a communal garden area, located in the space between the flatted block and the houses.

The properties will include enhanced insulation, and make use of heat pumps. This will reduce local CO2 emissions to almost zero for the development. We will also look to provide electric car charging points as part of the plan for the site.



This proposal includes access to 22 parking spaces for the development. 10 of these will be in designated private bays; a further 12 publicly accessible spaces will be positioned along Pine Place.

We will allocate the private bays to the terraced houses and adaptable flats. We plan to allocate the remaining flats to people who do not need a car parking space, with an intention to make the block a car free development. This is an approach that we have taken previously while allocating our new North Gate development on Crown Street. We expect the properties we propose will have much less impact on local parking than the health centre that used to occupy the site.

Shadowing and Overlooking

We have carefully chosen the placement of the proposed buildings so that surroundings developments are not overly shaded. The shadow diagrams show that the buildings would cast minimal shadows during the summer. In the winter, shadows will be longer but the shadows move with the sun and all neighbours will continue to enjoy direct sunlight for most of the day. The proposed buildings will be at least 24 metres (window to window) from any existing homes, well above the requirement of 18 metres. Existing flats on Old Rutherglen Road will keep their long views past the proposed new block and along Old Rutherglen Road.

The proposed flats are positioned so that the majority of the living rooms face towards Old Rutherglen Road, Gorbals Rose Garden or Errol Gardens. Only four of the flats having living rooms that look on to Pine Place. The houses will have living rooms arranged to the back of the property, overlooking private gardens.

Below: shadow analysis for summer morning, midday, and evening. 


Below: shadow analysis for winter morning, midday, and evening. 


Detailed Mix Information

Terraced houses would provide a mix of:

2 x 5 bedroom, 8 person
2 x 4 bedroom, 7 person
6 x 4 bedroom, 6 person

The 5 storey block of flats would provide:

Two flats capable of being adapted to meet the
needs of wheelchair users or others with mobility

1 x 1 bedroom, 2 person wheelchair accessible
1 x 2 bedroom, 4 person wheelchair accessible

And 16 other flats
8 x 1 bedroom, 2 person
8 x 2 bedroom, 4 person

Further Information and Feedback

If you have any comments, queries and requests for further information about the site, these can be sent to:

You can also call our development team on: 0141 429 3900.