Membership of the Association

We encourage local residents to become members of the Association. Membership costs £1 for life and this entitles you to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). You can also stand for election to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee

The Association is run by a voluntary Management Committee. The Management Committee is made up of local residents who are elected annually from the Association's membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Management Committee delegates power to specialist sub-committees covering functions like Housing Management, Development, Finance and Wider Action.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Management Committee, becoming a member of the Association, or standing for election, please call the office on 0141 429 3900 or email admin@newgorbalsha.org.uk

Focus Groups

We are looking to develop a register of tenants who are interested in being invited to give their views at occasional focus groups. These focus groups will be held as and when they are needed and will not require any further commitment from the tenant.

The focus groups are a way for tenants to work with us to shape the way we deliver parts of our service.

An example of how we have used focus groups is in the development of the New Gorbals Housing Association Newsletter. A focus group of tenants developed the style and feel of the Newsletter. The result is a publication that is popular with local people and a positive resource for the community.

If you are interested in joining this register please call Chris on 0141 429 3900 or email her at christine@newgorbalsha.org.uk


Tenants Panel

The aim of the panel is to give tenants a collective voice over local housing and community issues and to act as a sounding board for any new ideas or proposed changes to the housing service.

The panel meets every two months to discuss and influence key decisions, such as policy reviews, rent increases, content of tenants handbook and information leaflets.

New Gorbals Housing Association services the panel, unlike a separate tenants association that would generally be responsible for organising its own meetings and administration.

Although the panel is not a separate organisation, it still has a clearly defined remit.

If you are interested in joining the Tenants Panel, or would like to attend a meeting to see if it is something that would interest you, please call Julie on 0141 429 3900.