Welfare Reform

The Government is making lots of changes to the Welfare System and these changes are known as Welfare Reform. This page will keep you informed about the changes and try to make understanding how they may affect you easier. If you are unsure please contact one of our Welfare Rights Officers on 0141 429 3900 and they will be able to help.

Bedroom Tax

Welfare Reform will cut the amount of Housing Benefit you can get if you are of working age and have, what the Government thinks is, an extra bedroom. This is commonly known as the 'Bedroom Tax'.

The Government has restricted Housing Benefit to allow for one bedroom per person, or couple, living as part of a household.

The Bedroom Tax will normally apply to you even if:

  • You have a bedroom for a child who visits but normally lives elsewhere
  • You and your partner sleep in separate rooms due to a medical condition
  • You have a grown up child who no longer lives with you but still has a bedroom in your house
  • You have two children sharing a room (depending on their age and gender).

Some older people will be exempt from Bedroom Tax but you should seek advice if you are unsure if you are exempt or not.

These new rules are already causing many people and families financial and emotional distress. Many people are having to make the decision to leave their homes that they have brought their families up in or are trying to find money, from already tight budgets, to allow them to keep their homes.

The Income Maximisation Team at New Gorbals Housing Association is keen to support you if you are affected by the Bedroom Tax and have already been successful in helping a lot of people by supporting them to apply for Discretionary Housing Benefit.

Discretionary Housing Payment


We would encourage all tenants who think they may benefit from this payment to contact us. Discretionary Housing Payment is intended to provide short term assistance to Housing Benefit claimants that have a shortfall between their Housing Benefit and rental charge.


So anyone that has rent to pay ( except those who are paying back a Housing Benefit Overpayment) can apply.


You should apply if:


  • You are affected by the bedroom tax

  • You have a non-dependent charge ( another adult in the house whose income reduces your Housing Benefit)

  • You are deemed to have extra income and have rent to pay as a result

  • You are struggling to pay your rent (you must already receive some Housing Benefit)

  • You are working and get some Housing Benefit and are having difficulty

  • You have rent to pay and have fallen behind with your payments




Please call in to New Gorbals office and a duty worker can help you complete a DHP form. The duty worker will need to take full details of your income and expenditure and your circumstances. If you are not able to get into the office for health or mobility reasons we can arrange home visits or complete a form over the phone with you. Phone us on 0141 429 3900 to organise this.


Alternatively an application form can be downloaded from www.glasgow.gov.uk/benefits or an application can be made over the phone to Glasgow City Council Housing Benefit section by calling 0141 287 5050