Your Money

Paying Rent

Rents cover the cost of:

  • Managing and maintaining our properties
  • Repayment of loans
  • Setting aside money for repairs that will be needed in the future

Your rent is due on or before the 28th of each month, although some of our tenants pay their rent every four weeks. If you are unsure when you should pay your rent or are having difficulties making payments speak to your Housing Officer.

It is important that you pay your rent when it is due. If you are having any difficulties with paying your rent, you should contact us as soon as possible. We may be able to help you by considering:

  • weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments
  • making an affordable arrangement to clear arrears in instalments
  • referral to our Welfare Rights Officer or appropriate money adviser for specialist help.

All discussions are confidential and we will help you make realistic arrangements to repay the balance due.

Please note: if you are in arrears and make an arrangement to pay your debt, it is very important to keep up payments.

Please contact us if you are having difficulties. The quicker that you contact us the easier it will be for us to assist you.

If you do not contact us we will be forced to consider legal action to repossess your home. We will only do this after trying to contact you to make arrangements to repay your rent arrears.



Housing Benefit

If you are on a low income, get welfare benefits or work part time, you may be able to get help with paying your rent.

If you think you may qualify, you should make a claim for housing benefit. Your claim will be assessed based on your income, the benefits you receive and the number of people in your household.

We can help you make a claim for housing benefit. If you would like us to help, come into the office where a Housing Officer or Housing Assistant will be available to speak with you.

If you would like to make a claim yourself you can pick up a form from our office or contact Glasgow City Council directly on 0141 287 5050.  

Welfare Rights Officers

Our Welfare Rights Officers are here to offer you free, confidential and impartial advice.

Millions of pounds go unclaimed each year and not just by those who aren't working. People in low paid or part time work are often missing out on benefits that they are entitled to.

Our officers can check your benefits entitlement, help you with claims and assist with benefit disputes and appeals. Phone our office on 0141 429 3900 to arrange an appointment. They are also happy to make home visits, or give advice over the telephone if you are unable to make it into the office.

Council Tax

You are responsible for dealing with Glasgow City Council’s Council Tax Department regarding your responsibilities in this area. However, you can claim a council tax rebate or discount using the same form as for housing benefit. If you need help filling this form out please contact the office.

Benefit Changes

If you claim housing benefit to help pay your rent you may be affected by changes from April 2013.  The changes mean that some people will get less housing benefit than they did before.  We know that many of you will be worried about what this could mean for you and your family. 

If you think you are affected by the changes book an appointment with one of our Welfare Rights Officers who will be able to give information and advice. Book an appointment now on 0141 429 3900