Your Right to Repair

What is Right to Repair?

During your tenancy we will carry out any necessary repairs to keep the property windproof, watertight and fit to live in.

Normally we will arrange to have these repairs carried out by one of our contracts as a either a routine or urgent repair.

However, there are some small repairs which are considered urgent and which are covered under the Scottish Government’s Right To Repair. These are known as qualifying repairs and you can find a full list of qualifying repairs over the page.


What Happens if I have a Qualifying Repair?

When you report a repair we will let you know if it is a qualifying repair. This type of repair gives you the right to choose one of our contractors to do the work for you, the cost of which will be covered by us. 

We will always give you details for at least two of our contractors. If the first contractor, who we will instruct, doesn’t attend to the repair within the expected timescale, then you have the right to arrange for the second contractor to carry out the work instead. If this happens, then we will compensate you for the inconvenience by giving you £15 plus £3 for every day that the repair is delayed.

We will also compensate you if the first contractor does attend to the repair  but goes over the given time limit. This will also be a payment of £15 plus £3 for every day the repair is delayed.


What Happens if it is not a Qualifying Repair?

If your repair is not a qualifying repair, we will deal with it as one of the following:

  • Emergency Repair - we will make safe within 4 hours.
  • Urgent Repair - we will aim to complete within 3 working days.
  • Routine Repair - we will aim to complete   within 10 working days.



Qualifying Repairs Table

This table shows what repairs are qualifying repairs, and the maximum time we have to carry them out.


Right To Repair Table