Gorbals Boys Found Feb 07, 2023

Following their theft at the weekend, the two Gorbals Boys have been found.

Ex Gorbals resident Megan Gray contacted New Gorbals Housing Association after seeing the sculptures abandoned by a train line on her way to university. The iconic sculptures were found alongside Kenny Hunter’s ‘Couch Potatoes’ and have been returned to New Gorbals Housing Association.

The third Gorbals Boy is being removed by New Gorbals Housing Association until the three boys can be reunited.

Liz Peden, the local artist who created the Gorbals Boys sculpture in 2008, said;
‘I am relieved to hear that the Gorbals Boys are to be brought back to the Gorbals community where they belong’.

Megan Gray said ‘I walked past the Gorbals Boys every day for two years and recognised them from the train. I couldn’t believe it. I’m glad they are going back.’

Fraser Stewart, Director of New Gorbals Housing Association, said;
‘We are very thankful to Megan and delighted that both the Gorbals Boys and the ‘Couch Potatoes’ are being returned to the community. Public and community art are central to the regeneration of the Gorbals and they play a vital role in their celebration of the character and history of the Gorbals.’